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The origins of the Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles Spa, also known as "Tremo Bath House" can probably be traced back to the times of the Roman occupation, because the "via cessum" crossed this area. However, the first historical mention to this place is set in 1813 when the A Maía jurisdiction applied for the concession of a fair to be held at O Tremo, claiming, among other favorable things that it would provide agricultural produce to the visitors of the Spa. It literally says: "It will also benefit many of the people from all over the kingdom who come to the Spa during the four Summer months to profit from bathing in the mineral waters offered in the Ángeles parish, so they can be furnished with everything they may need.

In number 148 of the Official Spanish Newsletter of May 25, 1845, an order from the Ministry of the Interior referring to Bath and Mineral Waters establishes the different types of Spas and it includes the Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles Spa within those specialzed in the Digestive Tract, Nutrition and Skin.

In the year 1853 The Complete Compendium of Mineral Water Sources in Spain by Pedro Mª Rubio mentions this source.

In his ambitious and thorough book about Galician Medical Hidrology  published in 1877 the well known Doctor Mr. Nicolás Taboada Leal describes in depth all the physical, chemical and medical properties of the water of the Spa.

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